Five Most Popular Massage Styles In Brisbane

Five Most Popular Massage Styles In Brisbane.

There are so many different kinds of massage available today for massage Brisbane. We will have a quick look at the five most popular kinds of massage that gives great stress relief.

Thai Massage.

Thai massage is a very flexible style of massage, with two main types – Traditional Thai massage and Thai Oil Massage. Traditional Thai massage is great for getting to chronic aches and pains hidden deep in the muscle fibres and fascia. Thai oil massage is really good for letting the whole body relax and let go of stress in a welcoming and happy environment.

Sports Massage.

Anyone who lives an active lifestyle and plays sports on the regular will appreciate the value of a good sports masseuse. Well trained in anatomy and physiology a sports massage will have an excellent working knowledge of your body and how to heal those aching muscles. Through the application of pressure they can remove knots that build up in muscle, can provide relief to the bruises and bumps garnered from competitive endeavour.

Swedish Massage.

Swedish massage is one of the best known of all massage styles. Swedish massage is a relaxation massage style that focusses on long and relaxing strokes that aim to return blood back toward the heart. Swedish relaxation massage relaxes the entire body through the use of smooth, gliding strokes that knead the muscles into releasing toxins and encouraging oxygenation of the blood.

Remedial Massage.

Remedial massage is excellent if you have suffered some form of physical injury and require a therapist to assist you in recovery. Remedial massage is a more focussed form of massage, where the therapist will only focus on the affected area such as a lower back strain or other specific injury type. The aim for remedial massage is to provide relief from painful symptoms in a specific area of the body. Many people choose remedial massage as part of a recovery program or as an adjunct to other forms of therapy such as chiropractic or physiotherapy.

Shiatsu Massage.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese style of massage originally called Amma or Amna. This ancient healing art was practiced by the blind that used a sense of touch, intuition and traditional medicine theory to assist those with physical injuries. Traditional Shiatsu is practiced on a futon mat on the floor or tatami. Shiatsu practitioners will do a short diagnosis according to Japanese traditional medicine to ascertain the person’s state of Qi. Then the practitioner will use ancient techniques to remove Qi blockages and create a smooth and harmonious flow of Qi throughout the client’s body. By using stretching, pulling and cupping techniques the practitioner of shiatsu will bring a deep sense of peace and relief to a person’s entire being.

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