Finding GPs For A Medical Centre

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The process of finding a suitably qualified GP to work in a medical centre is one of the most difficult and daunting activities a practice manager or owner will ever undertake.  The process can be confusing, cost a lot of money and take a long time.  Based on my experience of running a medical centre, I have created a summary of how best to utilise your resources to find the best GP for your practice. GP Jobs Brisbane available at this website.


#Step 1: Create A Really Strong Brand

GP’s want to work in a medical centre that has a strong brand and reputation.  It is also a way to stand out from other medical centres that are actively recruiting GPs.  Your first step is to create a really clear website, where you list all practitioners and have a photo of them on the website.  This is where GPs will initially go to determine if they want to work at your medical practice.  Also, have a very clear services section of the website that details what you do and what patients you will be able to help.


#Step 2: Build Client Referrals

It is highly unlikely that a GP will bring their own clients with them and will expect the practice to provide them with patients.  There is no point recruiting a GP, if you don’t have any patients for them to see.  The GP will also expect a minimum guarantee of $150/ hour for the first 3 months.  If you don’t have the patients, then it will be costing you a lot of money to have them come work at your practice.  The most effective form of advertising is through Google or search engine optimisation.  Find a SEO consultant and spend 90% of your advertising budget on them.  Once you have 20-25 new patients per week you can then look at recruiting a GP.


#Step 3: Advertise on RACGP

By far the most effective advertising strategy is to advertise on the Royal Australian College General Practitoners (RACGP) job portal.  This is where most GPs in Australia will be looking for jobs.  For each job post you can expect to receive 1-2 enquiries.  Make a habit of posting a new advertisement every 3-4 weeks because adverts only last a few days on the website.  It is free to advertise, assuming you are a full member of the RACGP.  If not, take out a subscription today.


#Step 4: Attend RACGP Networking Events

Every year RACGP will have 3-4 events for new members of the college who are looking for places to work and not settled in their career.  Make sure to attend these events to make connections with an eye on the future.    Please note, you will not find someone immediately, this method is longer term in nature but will yield results.


#Step 5: Social Media

On Facebook there are a few GP closed groups with in excess of 10,000 active members (all GPS).  One group is business for doctors that I highly recommend joining.  Keep in mind that these groups are not job boards but more a way of connecting with other GPs.  Again it is about forming longer term relationships first.


#Step 6: Meeting The Doctors

Once a GP is interested, it is then time for you to show them your practice.  This is a really important step to be done right.  This meeting should last for approximately 1 hour in duration and you should have a clear plan about how it is going to go.  During this meeting make sure to introduce them to the practice manager, practice nurse and to show them through the practice.  Also, make sure to offer them food, drink etc.  As much as you can, try to make it into a social interaction not just about talking business.  Essentially you are asking them to make a large commitment in joining your practice – so it is important to connect at some level first.


#Step 7: Finalising Paperwork

Once the GP is interested in coming on board, your practice manager will need to sort out the paperwork.  From Medicare provider numbers to rates of pay to practice management software to signing of contracts.  Make sure that this process is as streamlined as possible.  Otherwise the doctor may get overwhelmed and not want to join your practice.


The successful recruitment of a GP is a slow process.  You are aiming to form meaningful, long term relationships with a key member of staff.  Try not to miss any of these steps as they are all very important.  Running a medical practice, while it is about the business, it is also about the people and serving the community.  It is important not to forget this.


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