Why Do You Need To Prune Your Trees?

Pruning a tree involves getting rid of branches or stems that are dead and could damage the tree. Removing these dead parts will benefit the whole tree in a way that it will help in preventing insects and other decaying organisms entering the tree.

Even though dead leaves and stems shed on their own during the autumn season, but in order to maintain the health of your plants make sure you investigate them from time to time.

Some of the basic reasons why trees might need pruning are:

  • To remove diseased and damaged branches
  • To shorten down the tree
  • To shape the tree
  • For crown, thinning this will allow growth and better access to sunlight, better air circulation
  • To get rid of obstructing branches
  • Pruning creates strong tree structure
  • Pruning stimulates the growth in the sparse areas of the tree and prevents growth in undesirable areas.

Once you decide to go for the task make sure you have the required equipment. Basic pruning can be done using hand pruners, loppers, pruning saw etc.

To properly prune the tree, first, you need to inspect which parts are causing damage, what needs to go and what will need a bit of cut and trim. If the task seems too big for you to do it yourself, get help from someone who is experienced in pruning trees like an Arborist is.

Identify the important branches of the tree that follow up to the entire tree Skelton and avoid damaging those. Analyze the damaged branches, whether they are completely dead or show signs of being dead. Prune the damaged branches so the water and nutrients entering these branches gets distributed among healthy branches.

Here are three steps that will explain how proper Tree pruning is done:

  • Identify the branch that needs to be pruned, make the very first cut at least two feet further from the trunk. This will prevent the tear from running along the bark. Begin cutting on the underside of the limb.
  • Make the second cut outside of the previous cut two feet further away from the first cut. Cut all the way through the branch leaving a small stub at the end
  • Make the third and the final cut parallel to the stem collar and decrease the length of the collar as much as you can.

Remember you have to be very careful while pruning and make sure you do not wound the tree while doing so. In case you caused a few wounds, avoid coating tree paint or artificial healers, the tree is better off with the natural healing process. Avoid too much pruning, a branch or two seasonally will do.

Right pruning will help the tree in strengthening it and pruning gone wrong will damage the tree. Proper pruning can enhance the landscape created by the trees so don’t just start pruning, know the proper way to do it, watching someone who knows better can help you understand the basics of it. For all Brisbane northside tree lopping or Tree Pruning & Removal Brisbane

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