Save money by having your wedding at home.

Get Married At Your Home To Save Money

Now that you have sent out all of the hand made wedding invitations and purchased online wedding dresses Australia, (From an Online Wedding Dress store) it is time to start preparing your home wedding.

Getting Ready For A Home Wedding.

In the current World, it is probably a good idea to have your wedding ceremony at home. Not only will it be safer, but also can save you a ton of cash when it comes to planning and hosting a traditional wedding. There are still so many things that will need to be done in preparation for the big day including:

  • Catering for the guests
  • Serving the guests with beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Seating for the guests
  • The menu requirements of particular individuals
  • Entertainment

This may seem like a large and overwhelming list of tasks even for the most capable person, but alas, you can always enlist the help of relatives or dear friends who will just love to lend a hand to create a special memory for all involved.

Home Cooking

Why not take advantage of relatives who have had years of experience in cooking all sorts of meals. After all Nona’s secret pasta recipe could be a winner with your guests the same way it is with you. A lot of European families are used to cooking for hordes and will gladly cook up a storm when it comes to helping family. Also you can source a cheaper catering company who will actually cook the food off site and bring it to your house fresh on the day. Many small home businesses cater for such events these days and it will support the local economy as well as saving you hundreds of dollars with expensive catering.


Make sure that all of your Bridesmaids get involved in the wedding planning, as they may feel left out if you don’t ask them for help. You may be surprised at some of the talents that people have hidden away when it comes to these kind of monumental events. You may find that your best friends have a lot to contribute. It is a good idea to have several meetings where you all go over websites with Bridesmaids Dresses Online, and decide as a group on the look and feel of the gowns to be purchased. Many online stores will give a discount if you purchase all of your wedding garments from their website only.

Seating & Tables

You must plan to have every guest seated at a table to have the wedding meal at the reception part of the wedding. In traditional weddings a feast is always shared with friends and family to celebrate the marriage. These feasts can go on for days depending on which culture you are talking about.

For example in a traditional Japanese wedding the following traditions are always adhered to: The Japanese ritual of “san-san-kudo”, the three by three exchange is rich with meaning. It is performed by the bride and groom and both sets of parents; each person takes 3 sips of sake from each of 3 cups. The first 3 represent three couples, the bride and groom, and their parents. Leslie_Nip | Insurance tips on Instagram: “San San Kudo The Japanese ritual of “san-san-kudo”, the three by three exchange is rich with meaning. It is performed by the bride and…”

As you can imagine the traditions and rituals from culture to culture can vary in a fascinating and imaginative way.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age it is totally encouraged to celebrate your wedding from the security and familiar surrounds of your home or a beloved relatives house. It is a great way to save money and couples who are just starting out need all the help they can get.