What Makes a Beautiful Bathroom In Brisbane

Today we are going to talk about what to consider when doing a Brisbane bathroom renovation. A lavish home deserves a well thought out bathroom. Depending on whether the master bathroom or an ensuite, the design of the bathroom needs to take into account the lifestyle needs of the residents. For example, for an older retired couple, an accessible bathroom with hand railings, and room to manoeuvre mobility aids should be considered. You may have to consider the size of the renovations Brisbane.

Most homes generally have one bathtub, and it has gone beyond merely being a functional fitting to put the children into in the evening to get them clean; it has evolved into an aesthetic form that adds a touch of luxury into a home.

Bathrooms for Couples

Bathrooms that serve couples need to consider the adequate use of space. Often you can walk into a display home that has a large family bathroom, and the ensuite is not much bigger than a walk in closet with a tiny shower. A beautiful bathroom that would bring a lot of pleasure to a couple would be large enough to fit two people, and have dual shower heads. The ensuite should be as well appointed as the master bath, as it can form part of a private retreat for the owners of the home.

Family Bathrooms

Toilets should be excluded from family bathrooms, with powder room facilities adjacent. This prevents the knocking down at the door while another person is utilising the shower and or bath facilities, and prevents a lot of disagreements. It is also far more convenient and private to have separate powder room facilities for hygiene reasons, so that guests can clean up after bathroom use without having to traverse across a hallways to wash their hands.

Light and Space

Bathrooms should be located preferably near the source of natural lighting, and allow for the venting of moisture and steam to the outside. Air vents should duct outside, and fans should be able to be switched off to prevent the irritation of loud fans during a pleasant bathing experience. Lights can include heater attachments, allowing for additional warmth during cold months, and frosted glass windows promote additional privacy.

Plenty of light colours should be used in a bathroom, and transparent surfaces to encourage the feeling of space and light. Sufficient room should be provided to place bathing products, cosmetics and other toiletries, and to towel off after a bath or shower. Hampers for dirty linen, dirty clothing should be able to be placed conveniently, and there should be the provision of plenty of towel railings for the hanging of towels.

Dual sinks for the use of both members of a couple are seen as useful by some home owners, and others prefer to use the bathroom in privacy, so the provision of two sinks is seen as additional maintenance.

A bathroom design is as individual as the home owners, and should suit the character of the home, and bare in mind the lifestyle of the people using the bathroom. For more info about Bathroom & home renovations visit: Extensions & Renovations Brisbane Inner West | Eden Feehely Building Co (efbuildingco.com.au)